Push to Victory March- November 1918

This page is under construction. As I work through the Unit War Diary and those private diaries that have been kindly send to me, I will add content to this page. I am working through the history of the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance in chronological order and will fill this page with full detail in due course.

48594 Bugler James William Ward 1915

The photograph above is with the kind permission of Bugler Ward’s niece Mrs Jane Beecham. 48594 Bugler Ward received a shrapnel injury from a blue cross shell (chemical warfare shell) on the 11th May 1918 and was evacuated back to England on the 17th May. Upon his recovery he did to return to serve with the Unit but transferred to the RAF on the 2nd October 1918 as a hospital orderly until he was demobilised on the 24th February 1919.

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