I have worked through the Official War Diary of the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance to identify those officers who were actual members (on the strength) of the unit rather than just attached or passing through. The Diary usually gives the rank, surname and initials of Officers when they report for duty (taken on the strength) and subsequently usually just give their rank and surname. By cross referencing with the UK Medical Directories of the time, medal index cards (where they exist) and the London Gazette I believe that I have correctly identified the RAMC officers who served in the Unit and list them below. Those Officers who’s names are in bold text sailed to France with the Unit in December 1915. Where no ‘Rank end’ is stated, the rank at start remained unchanged and where no ‘to’ date is given, this is because it is not clear form the War Diary when that Officer was finally taken off the strength of the Unit. One page of the War Diary is missing (1st week of April 1918) and I suspect that this was when Major Badenoch was taken on the strength but the date I have used in the table below is the 1st date his name is mentioned. If anyone has any further details regarding the Officers who served in the Unit or believes that I have identified the wrong Officer, I would be delighted to hear from them and will amend the list as appropriate. I will shortly add a list of the American and Canadian Officers who were taken on the strength of the Unit.

Surname Christian Names Rank start Rank end From To
Anderson Andrew Woodroffe Capt   1914 29/11/1916
Anderson Frederick Alexander Lieut   1915 20/08/1916
Andrew Alfred John Capt   1915 01/04/1916
Badenoch William Minty Major   03/08/1918 11/12/1918
Bankes John Herbert Lieut   04/09/1916  
Brown H M Capt   15/06/1917 08/09/1917
Buckley Thomas Joseph Lieut   1915 31/08/1916
Burke John Lieut Capt (Act Major) 1915  
Carter Thomas Moravian Major   21/08/1917 23/03/1918
Colt Myles Lieut   04/09/1916  
Dickson James Mollison Lieut   06/04/1917  
Doyle Patrick Aloysius Capt   05/08/1917 03/09/1917
Edwards William Bickerton Major   1914 01/04/1916
Elliott Robert Andrew George Lieut   1915  
Faulkner Cyril Douglas Capt   01/11/1917 28/12/1917
Ffoulkes Meredydd Capt   1915 28/11/2016
Friel Robert Capt   10/09/1917 18/12/1917
Goodman H (?Hyam?) Lieut   10/10/1917 16/11/1917
Griffiths David Henry Lieut   13/09/1916 12/12/1916
Grove Frederick Pierce Capt   18/06/1917  
Hogg Henry Scott Anderson Lieut   24/04/1917  
Jones A Capt   16/05/1916  
Kelly Carlile Capt   19/12/1917  
Lornie Peter Lieut   1916  
Melhuish Thomas Walter Capt   08/04/1917  
Page Douglas Chas Murray Lieut   08/12/1915  
Parsons John Arthur Capt   05/08/1917  
Pearson John Douglas Lieut   24/10/1916 26/11/1916
Renwick Thomas Downie Lieut   05/12/1916 21/01/1917
Riddell Hugh Young Capt   05/12/1916 16/09/1917
Robertson J Lieut   05/12/1916 07/04/1917
Thompson Philip Stephens Lieut   1914  
Towers Arthur Henry Capt   24/05/1918  
Watson Harry Christian Capt   30/12/1916 24/04/1917
Williams D R Capt   08/08/1916 13/09/1916
Woodhouse Bernard Lieut   09/11/1916 07/04/1917

Other Ranks

Below is a list of the NCOs and men who did/may have served in the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance. Those in Bold Font are the men that I have good/certain evidence served in the Unit and arrived in France with the Unit on the 4th December 1915. Those men in Plain Font are men who joined the Unit in France at a later date and those in Italic Font are men who initial joined the Unit but did not go to France with the Unit (some may well have served later with the Unit but I have insufficient evidence at the moment to assign them as certainly served in France with the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance. Please see the text on ‘The Unit’ page for a full explanation/justification for men being included or excluded from this list. R.A.M.C. men have just numbers such as 48076 while A.S.C. (later R.A.S.C.) men have letters and numbers such as W/T4/037001. Most of the original A.S.C. men of the 38th (Welsh) Division have numbers in the (W/T4/) 037XXX series.

Number Surname initials Rank 15 Star Rank V+W Awards
W/T4/037001 Alderson Walter Dvr Dvr  
48076 Allen Thomas Pte Pte MM
48077 Arnold Henry L/Cpl Pte  
48078 Ashman George H Pte Pte  
48079 Baker Thos G Pte A/Cpl  
48223 Baker Alfred Cpl Cpl  
48080BallWilliam JA/Cpl
48081 Ballard G Pte A/Cpl  
48082 Ballard Stephen Pte Pte  
48086 Batchelor William Pte A/Cpl  
61339BaulkSydney TreePte
48085 Bennett Thos H Pte A/Cpl  
48553 Betts Arthur C Cpl Cpl  
79109BillsHerbert CharlesPte
48088 Brace Trevor Pte A/Cpl  
48093 Brain Gilbert Pte Pte  
48092 Brennan John Pte    
48091 Burford William Pte Pte  
48089 Burgess Alfred E Pte Pte  
61329CarrWilliam EPtePte
48097 Chave Alfred Pte Pte  
48099 Churchill William Pte Pte  
48542 Cleaves James H Pte Pte  
48227 Cohen Louis C Sgt    
48098 Coleman William E Pte Pte MM 17.6.19
48094 Cook Daniel Pte Pte  
48618 Cooper Herbert Pte Pte
48103DaviesDavid JohnL/CplPte
48106DaviesDavid JPtePte
48105DaviesEvan TPtePte
48543DaviesGriffith R
48579DaviesGriffith TS/SgtA/WO1DCM 1.1.19
59818DaviesJ HaydenPtePte
48072 Davies John R Sgt Sgt  
48578 Davies Jonathan Pte Pte  
48107DaviesWilliam JPtePte
48340 Dawkins William Pte Pte  
48108 Dement William Robert Pte Pte  
48109 Dobbs Hubert J Pte Pte  
48110 Duggan William G Pte Pte  
48545EdwardsEvan EPtePte
48233 Edwards Evan W Pte Pte  
48112EvansAilliam JPtePte
48066 Evans Evan Harris Sgt Sgt MM 17.6.19
48607EvansJohn PPtePte
48114 Evans Thomas Pte Pte  
48350EvansThomas DPtePte
48111 Evans William JCpl Cpl    
48546 Fisher Jesse Pte Pte  
48115 Foster Robert Cpl Cpl  
48116 Gardner Wilfred Pte Pte  
48117 George Idin J L.Sgt A/Sgt  
48612GerrardJohn JPtePte
48612 Gilbert Herbert Pte Pte  
48547 Grey W.T./T Gray Pte Pte  
48118 Griffiths Archibald J Sgt WO2  
W/T4/037100GriffithsFrederick SDvrDvr
48119 Groves George Pte Pte  
48620 Haddakin Martin J Pte    
61343HainNorman CPtePte
48580 Ham John Pte Pte  
48616 Hand Joseph Pte Pte  
48548 Handley Percival H Pte A/Sgt  
48613 Harbottle Arthur Pte Pte  
48121 Harper Fred W Pte Pte  
48120 Harris Walter J Pte Pte  
48222 Harris William Pte   MM 11.2.19
48123 Hay Thomas John Pte    
48122 Haysum William Pte    
48551 Hembry E.W. Pte    
48067 Hill H J Sgt Sgt  
48130HolmesHubert DA/CplPte
48124 Hopkins Thomas G Sgt Sgt DCM 15.11.18, MM 16.11.16
48550 House Percy B Pte Pte    
48549 Howell Cyril R L/Cpl Pte  
48131 Howels Morgan D Pte A/Cpl  
48581 Hughes Edward J Pte Pte  
W/T4/037128 Hughes John S Dvr Dvr  
48595 Irwen George Pte    
48132 James David Pte Pte  
48134 James Arthur Pte Pte  
48135 Jarman Clifford William Sgt Lieut  
48137 Jenkins Andrew Pte Pte  
48226JenkinsEvan IPtePte
48138 Jenkins Walter Pte Pte  
48554 Jickells George H Pte Pte  
48149JonesDavid JPtePte
48142JonesEdward NoelPte
48146JonesRowland MPtePte
48555JonesThomas JPtePte
48586JonesThomas JCplCplMM 14.5.19
48522JonesThomas LlewellynPtePte
48231JonesThomas WilliamPte
W/T4/037166JonesTrevor NDvrDvr
48147JonesWilliam Pte
48141JonesWilliam GPteCpl
48584JonesWilliam HPtePte
48585JonesWilliam HPtePte
48151 Kendall William J Pte Pte MM 24.1.19
48068 King Frank J Sgt    
48153 Lacey Daniel Pte    
48156 Lester John H Pte    
48587LewisEdgar WS/SgtS/Sgt
48155 Lewis Llewellyn Pte    
48154 Lippitt Thomas G Pte    
48157 Llewellyn Albert Morgan Pte    
48557 Markhall Reginald H Cpl A/Sgt  
48158 Martin Thomas Fredrick Pte   MM 11.2.19
48159 Matthews William J Pte Pte  
48160 Maunder William H F L/Cpl Pte  
48162 Maxworthy Samuel L/Cpl Pte  
61251MillsJames SPtePte
79813MoorcockJeffery NPte
48161 Morgans David Pte A/Cpl  
W/T4/037199 Moses Herbert Sgt Sgt  
100261NattrassNorman FPte
48163 Nicholas Richard Pte Pte  
48559 Nicholas Trevor J L/Cpl Pte MM 16.11.16
48598 Nisbett William Pte Pte  
48608 Onions John H Pte Pte  
48232 Owen William Pte Pte  
48164 Pace William Pte Pte  
48165PagetG HPtePte
48166 Parker John Pte Pte  
48167 Parker William Pte Pte  
48168 Pendry F Pte Pte  
48609 Percival Edward R Pte Pte  
48563 Phillips Ienan Pte Pte MM 24.1.19
80658PikeFrank HPte
48564 Pinkard Edward Pte Pte  
48603 Powell L Pte    
W/T4/037232PowellWilliam WPte
541286PrattLeonard WPte
48592PriceThomas CSgtSgt
48170 Price William Pte Pte  
48171 Pritchard Robert J Pte Pte  
48627 Probert J Pte   MM 2.11.17
48169 Pryce Thomas Pte Pte  
48177 Reed Albert W Pte Pte  
48176ReesG I/OliverL/CplPte
48126 Rees Thomas J Pte Pte  
48180RichardsTimothyPtePteMM 11.2.19
48178 Richards William J Pte Pte  
48181 Ridgeway William J Pte Pte MM 16.11.16
48182 Roberts Brun Pte Pte  
48183 Roberts Hugh Pte Pte  
48589 Roberts Isaac Pte Pte  
48615 Roberts John H Pte Pte  
W/T4/037249RobinsonAlexander MatthewDvrDvr
48184 Rogers Evan Gibbon Pte Pte  
48186 Samuel David J L/Cpl Pte MM 28.9.17
61234SaundersWilliam HPtePte
48189ScholefieldHorace H
48570 Scott V P Pte    
48610 Shatwell Harry Pte Pte  
61271SheltonJohn APtePte
48235 Slaughter Joseph J Pte Pte  
48190 Smith William H Pte Pte  
48191 Strickland Arthur Pte Pte  
48071 Stroud William Sgt/MJR WO1  
48128 Sumption Francis B Sgt Sgt  
48192 Sweeting Ernest Cpl Sgt MM 28.9.17
48193 Taylor Charles Pte Pte  
48199Thomas Arthur JohnPte
48197ThomasDavid AlewynPtePteMM 11.2.19
48195 Thomas John Pte    
48127ThomasJohn E
48194ThomasThomas GeorgePte
48196 Thomas William G L/Cpl   MM 28.9.17
M2/052076TicknerJames EPtePte
48571 Tranter Percy C Pte Pte  
48203 Treharne William Pte    
48074 Trigg Walter   Cpl MM 11.2.19
48573 Waite Bernard John Fredrik Pte Pte  
48075 Walker James E Cpl Cpl  
48209 Wall Benjamin H Pte Pte  
48204 Walters Joseph Pte Pte  
48606 Walters Phillip Pte Pte  
48597 Ward Frank R Pte Pte  
48594WardJames WPte
106388WarnJohn JPte
76757WarrJohn LPte
64997WarthStephen FPte
48207 Watkins Fredrick H Pte Pte  
48208 Watkins William Pte Pte  
80232WebbWilliam GPte
48218 Webber Arthur Pte Pte  
48219 Welsher Robert Pte Pte  
48217 West William James Pte Pte  
48216 White John S Pte Pte  
48600Williams David JPte
48575WilliamsJ BCplCpl
48210WilliamsJohn HPtePte
48064 Williams Lawrence W S/Sgt S/Sgt  
48213 Williams Sidney Pte Pte  
48576 Williams William J Pte Pte  
48502WrightWilliam HPtePte
48619 Yates Fred Pte Pte  
48221 Young Oliver Pte Pte MM 2.11.17