Nominal Roll

Officer Commanding

    1914 - 1919  Lt Col J. E. H. Davies 


 I have worked through the Official War Diary of the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance to identify those officers who were actual members (on the strength) of the unit rather than just attached or passing through. The Diary usually gives the rank, surname and initials of Officers when they report for duty (taken on the strength) and subsequently usually just give their rank and surname. By cross referencing with the UK Medical Directories of the time, medal index cards (where they exist) and the London Gazette I believe that I have correctly identified the RAMC officers who served in the Unit and list them below. Those Officers who's names are in bold text sailed to France with the Unit in December 1915. Where no 'Rank end' is stated, the rank at start remained unchanged and where no 'to' date is given, this is because it is not clear form the War Diary when that Officer was finally taken off the strength of the Unit. One page of the War Diary is missing (1st week of April 1918) and I suspect that this was when Major Badenoch was taken on the strength but the date I have used in the table below is the 1st date his name is mentioned. If anyone has any further details regarding the Officers who served in the Unit or believes that I have identified the wrong Officer, I would be delighted to hear from them and will amend the list as appropriate.

I will shortly add a list of the American and Canadian Officers who were taken on the strength of the Unit.


Surname Christian Names Rank start Rank end From To
Anderson Andrew Woodroffe Capt   1914 29/11/1916
Anderson Frederick Alexander Lieut   1915 20/08/1916
Andrew Alfred John Capt   1915 01/04/1916
Badenoch William Minty Major   03/08/1918 11/12/1918
Bankes Jonh Herbert Lieut   04/09/1916  
Brown H M Capt   15/06/1917 08/09/1917
Buckley Thomas Joseph Lieut   1915 31/08/1916
Burke John Lieut Capt (Act Major) 1915  
Carter Thomas Moravian Major   21/08/1917 23/03/1918
Colt Myles Lieut   04/09/1916  
Dickson James Mollison Lieut   06/04/1917  
Doyle Patrick Aloysius Capt   05/08/1917 03/09/1917
Edwards William Bickerton Major   1914 01/04/1916
Elliott Robert Andrew George Lieut   1915  
Faulkner Cyril Douglas Capt   01/11/1917 28/12/1917
Ffoulkes Meredydd Capt   1915 28/11/2016
Friel Robert Capt   10/09/1917 18/12/1917
Goodman H (?Hyam?) Lieut   10/10/1917 16/11/1917
Griffiths David Henry Lieut   13/09/1916 12/12/1916
Grove Frederick Pierce Capt   18/06/1917  
Hogg Henry Scott Anderson Lieut   24/04/1917  
Jones Albert Capt   16/05/1916  
Kelly Carlile Capt   19/12/1917  
Lornie Peter Lieut   1916  
Melhuish Thomas Walter Capt   08/04/1917  
Page Douglas Chas Murray Lieut   08/12/1915  
Parsons John Arthur Capt   05/08/1917  
Pearson John Douglas Lieut   24/10/1916 26/11/1916
Renwick Thomas Downie Lieut   05/12/1916 21/01/1917
Riddell Hugh Young Capt   05/12/1916 16/09/1917
Robertson J Lieut   05/12/1916 07/04/1917
Thompson Philip Stephens Lieut   1914  
Towers Arthur Henry Capt   24/05/1918  
Watson Harry Christian Capt   30/12/1916 24/04/1917
Williams D R Capt   08/08/1916 13/09/1916
Woodhouse Bernard Capt   1916 07/04/1917