May 1916 - Twenty Sixth Week at War


26th Week at War - 27th May - 2nd June La Gorgue

48071 Sgt Maj William Stroud proceeded on leave in the evening of the 27th and Lt Col Davies visited the A.D.S. at Laventie and reported that the work of filling in the new shelter at Hougemont Post had started.

Lieut Buckley was posted for temporary duty to the 119th Brigade R.F.A. on the 28th and the following day, Lieuts Anderson and Burke returned to the Unit from leave.

On the 31st, the M.D.S. at La Gorgue was visited by the G.O.C. 38th (Welsh) Division who expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements and work carried out by the Unit which he wished to be notified to the Officers and other ranks of the Unit.

26th Week at War is continued in June.