May 1916 - Twenty Fifth Week at War


25th Week at War - 20th May - 26th May La Gorgue

On the 21st, 48563 Pte Phillips managed a trip to Hazebrouck and on the 23rd witnessed an aeroplane duel which he described in his diary as "Excitement intense."

The night of the 24th saw a large number of wounded being admitted to the Unit.

On Friday 26th, Lt Col D E Evans, the OC of the 2/3 Welsh Field Ambulance reported to the Unit and was shown by Lt Col Davies the Main Dressing Station (M.D.S.) at La Gorgue and also the Divisional Baths, Laundry and Labour Corps Hospital at La Gorgue, the Unit's A.D.S. at Laventie and the Units old M.D.S. at Mesplaux. He was also shown the new steel shelter, now completed with window and door, all thoroughly sandbagged at Laventie East Aid Post. All the work of the men of the Unit and also the Aid Posts at Red House and Hougemont, where the men of the Unit where constructing a further shelter.