May 1916 - Twenty Third Week at War

23rd Week at War - 6th May - 12th May La Gorgue

The Hospital was inspected by the D.D.M.S. XI Corps in company with the A.D.M.S. 38th (Welsh) Division on the 6th May and 48563 Pte Phillips changed from day to night duty at La Gorgue and had a quiet night.

Time went by quickly records 48554 Pte G H Jickells in his diary, especially with us general duty stretcher bearers. Every three days we should be on guard, either at H.Q., the (Divisional) Laundry or the Corps Rest Station. All the above guards were for 24 hours, falling in at 9am properly dressed and clean and we were dismissed the following morning for the rest of the day. We were always detailed for guard, 3 men and an NCO and our beats were 2 hours on and 4 off. Not such a tough time!

On Monday 8th May, the Lt Col Davies carried out a clothing inspection of the men at the A.D.S. at Laventie and did the same for the men at the Unit HQ at La Gorgue on the following day.