May 1916

22nd Week at War - 29th April - 5th May La Gorgue - continued from April

For the next six weeks or so, the Unit's War Diary largely consists of lists of the number of sick and wounded Officer and men admitted and transferred i.e.. 5th May: Cases admitted 8am on 4/5/16 to 8am on 5/5/16 - Wounded 3 Officers, 4 Other Ranks: Sick 15 Other Ranks. I have not included these figures in the text of this history except where they help to illustrate the activity of the Unit during a particular day. During this time, while stationed at the Hospital, 48563 Pte Phillips records doing a week on night duty alternating with a week on day duty, the switch overs occurring on a Saturday. He recorded that the weather was "very warm again" on Saturday 29th April and that on the 30th he was "feeling in the pink of condition" and on the 1st May he went for a walk to Estaires and Sailly.

Red House (13th London) Cemetery

On the 1st May, 48554 Pte G H Jickells recorded that he was one of a party (of men) to march back from the A.D.S. at Laventie to the Unit H.Q. at La Gorgue and further records that while back at H.Q., they had a good time. During his time back at La Gorgue, the weather was lovely and that they always had 2 men on duty at a certain place on the canal bank from 9am to 5pm for bathing parades.

On the 2nd of May, the Unit was visited by the D.A.D.M.S. in reference to the estimated 100 tons of old manure that had been left on the horse lines by the 19th Division and arrangements were made with a local farmer just outside La Gorgue, for this manure to be placed on his land. What an unpleasant fatigue for the men of the Unit!

The men of the Unit were inspected in full marching order by the A.D.M.S and the men's gas helmets, goggles, contents of valises and haversacks including their clothing and boots were examined and found to be most satisfactory.

Friday 5th May was the Unit's 13th pay day in France and 48563 Pte Phillips received 10 Francs.