March 1916 - Seventeenth Week at War


17th Week at War - 25th - 31st March - Mesplaux Farm

Major W Bickerton Edwards reported for duty on Sunday 26th March, his arrival from England having been delayed by ill health. His arrival was not welcomed by all, Capt Ffoulkes at the A.D.S. wrote in a letter to his family' "Major Edwards has returned to us too. he looks very well and has completely recovered but I don't think any of us are frightfully keen on having him back. He and Col Davies came to see me yesterday (27th/28th March) . I believe there is some discontent amongst the Officers at Headquarters already. Major Edwards is so bigheaded and it is a shame that he should come and upset everything when we have always been happy together without friction. It is a pity he was not kept at a home station."

On the following day, 96 men of the Unit were inoculated against typhoid and many of them may well have had an agonising night and been sore and unwell for several days as 48563 Pte Iuean Phillips did. Certainly, Capt Ffoulkes records that he felt "rather seedy" for a few days afterwards. 

Having been with the Unit in France for less than a week, Major W Bickerton Edwards was attached to the 129th Field Ambulance and he was struck of the strength off the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance on the following day which 48563 Pte Phillips records as "Rough luck".