March 1916 - Sixteenth Week at War


16th Week at War - 18th - 24th March - Mesplaux Farm 

The weather remained very cold all this week with further snow falls on Friday 24th which was also the Unit's 9th payday in France.

Biplane over the snow covered trenches

Things remained fairly quiet for the Unit with little reported in the War Diary for the week except for the regular visits to the Unit by the A.D.M.S. and D.A.D.M.S. and the O.C. visiting the Advanced Dressing Station (A.D.S.). On the 20th, Lieut Buckley proceeded to the 10th South Wales Borderers (S.W.B.) to act as temporary M.O.. This temporary attachment of the M.O.s of the Unit to other units in the Division was common. The infantry Battalions and other units only had a single M.O. and if they went on leave, were sick, wounded or killed, this left them with no medical cover so the Field Ambulances of the Division with 9 or more M.O.s would fill in for these M.O.s until they returned to duty or were replaced.