March 1916 - Fifteenth Week at War

 15th Week at War - 11th - 17th March - Mesplaux Farm

A concert was held in the Barn on the evening of Saturday 11th with a Piano being acquired for the occasion. This was a huge success and very enjoyable records 48563 Pte Iuean Phillips. During this week, the weather remained very changeable, varying from warm, fine days to very cold and snowing. On Monday 13th, instructions were received by the Unit to make arrangements at the Bearer Post at Festubert to dry the socks of the 2 Battalions in the trenches and to massage the feet of the men who required such treatment, with whale oil.

Trench foot inspection

Strict attention to foot hygiene was essential in the wet conditions that the soldiers were forced to live and fight and regular inspections were a necessary duty to help prevent 'trench foot', a serious and debilitating condition caused by standing in cold wet mud/water for long periods but it can not have been the most pleasant task for the men of the Unit. On the following day, the Horse transport of the Unit was inspected by the Officer Commanding the 38th (Welsh) Divisional Train (Transport rather than steam engine) and stated that it was the best kept transport he had yet seen in the Division. More praise for the Unit's hard work.

The D.D.M.S. II Corps and the D.A.D.M.S. 38th (Welsh) Division visited the Hospital at Mesplaux Farm on Thursday and on the following day Lieut Elliott proceeded to the 13th Royal Welsh Fusiliers (RFW) to act as temporary Medical Officer (MO) and Lieut Burke proceeded to 232nd Company Royal Engineers (RE) for the same purpose.