March 1916


14th Week at War - 4th - 10th March - Mesplaux Farm

On Saturday the 4th March it snowed again. More space was obtained at Mesplaux Farm with permission being granted for the Unit to use a Granary as accommodation for 40 men. The weather remained cold and there was a further heavy fall of snow in the evening. A section of the 105th Field Ambulance departed from the Unit at 10am on the 5th having completed their week's instruction. Further improvements were made to the Hospital and headquarters at Mesplaux Farm with a joiners shop being erected on the 7th and work on the horse standing was proceeded with on the 9th. Lt Col Davies visited and inspected the advanced dressing station every few days.

Friday 10th was the 8th payday for the Unit and 48563 Pte Ieuan Phillips received 10 francs.

Festubert in 1915 - much as the Unit will have found it