January 1916 - Seventh Week at War


7th Week at War - 15th - 21st January 1916 - Calonne

The ADMS, 38th (Welsh) Division visited the hospital at Calonne on the 16th and the ADMS XI Corps visited the following day and expressed satisfaction with the hospital the Unit had established. On the 16th, 48563 Pte Ieuan Phillips recorded that he received his 4th pay in France, 10 Francs and on the next day the men were issued new boots - 'and about time too, my socks were touching the ground' he reported.

On 18th the OC of the 59th Field Ambulance visited to discuss the exchange of hospital locations by the two Units and 48563 Pte Ieuan Phillips was sent to the Officers' mess to relieve 48560 Pte Tom Oldham for the day were he 'had some good food incidentally'.

Green envelope - Honour envelope

 The 21st saw 2 men being severely punished for the wrong use of Green Envelopes (also know as honour envelopes - not to be opened or delayed by the censor) records 48563 Pte Ieuan Phillips. These Green envelopes where introduced in March 1915 to reduce the burden on Unit censors and where generally not subjected to censorship. They rapidly become known as 'Honour envelopes' as they had to be signed by the writer, certifying that on their honour, the contents referred to nothing but private and family matters and where popular with the troops. The picture above is of a Version 2 Green envelope introduced in early 1916.