January 1916 - Sixth Week at War


6th Week at War - 8th - 14th January 1916 - Calonne

Both 48563 Pte Ieuan Phillips and 48119 Pte George Groves in their diaries and 48196 Geo Thomas in a letter to the Amman Valley Chronicle, record that on the 8th January, at Green Barn, B Section brought in wounded Royal Field Artillery (RFA) men under heavy shellfire and were complimented by the Major of the RFA battery for their coolness and pluck! Capt Ffoulkes records in a letter dated 17th January that "The men worked splendidly, particularly the stretcher bearers. It requires a good deal of nerve to carry wounded steadily and carefully over rough ground under shell fire but the men never hesitated once and I know they will always behave in the same splendid manner."

Neuve-Chapelle 1915

Neuve Chapelle much as it would have been when B section were manning the A.D.S at Green Barn. The regimental aid post at Stirling Castle (marked D on map 4 - map sheet 36 S5a4.7) was in the centre of Neuve Chapelle.

Late in the evening of the 8th January a telegram was received by the Unit instructing that the four Army Chaplains who had been attached to the Unit were to return to the 114th Brigade Headquarters at Laventie but before they departed the following morning, Capt J Allan Davies C.F. reported sick with colic and was evacuated to the Hospital for Officers at Robecq. The three other chaplains departed at 11.30 in accordance with instructions.

The A.D.M.S. 38th Division visited B Section at Green Barn on the 9th January and accompanied by Capt Ffoulkes, visited the R.A.P. at Ebenezer Farm which was at this time the headquarters of the 13th Battalion, Welsh Regiment.

C Section returned to Calonne from their time with 59th Field Ambulance on the 10th January. A 'rattling good supper' was had by all the boys in B Section on the 13th, made from the contents of various parcels from home records 48563 Pte Ieuan Phillips in his diary. 'Best feed since leaving England'.  On Friday 14th, B Section under the command of Capt M Ffoulkes returned having handed over the A.D.S. at Green Barn to a Section of the 131st Field Ambulance.

Calonne in 1918