January 1916

5th Week at War - 1st - 7th January 1916 - Calonne

The Unit began the new year still based at Calonne. B Section returned to Calonne from their training with the 57th Field Ambulance on the 2nd January and C Section consisting of 3 Officers, and 60 men, departed on foot the following day under the command of Capt A W Anderson to be attached to the 59th Field Ambulance at Locon.

On the 5th January, two horse drawn ambulances were detailed to follow the route march of the 10th and 15th Battalions, the Welsh Regiment to pick up stragglers. While at the 59th Field Ambulance at Locon, Sgt Davies reported in his diary that he was able to visit Bethune along with 48592 Sgt Thomas Price, 48118 Sgt Archibald Griffiths and S/Sgt Edgar Lewis on the 5th January.

B Section composed of 2 Officers and 61 other ranks under the command of Capt M Ffoulkes proceeded by route march on the 6th January to take over an Advanced Dressing Station (A.D.S.) at Green Barn ( Map 4 A ) located about a mile and a half north west of Neuve Chapelle.

Neuve Chapelle

On arrival, all transport with the exception of 2 motor ambulances, one water cart and one limbered wagon were sent back to Calonne. Six men with rations were detailed as bearers for 24 hours and were taken to the regimental aid posts at Ebenezer Farm (Map 4 B), Moggs Hole (Map 4 C) and Stirling Castle (Map 4 D). These bearers were relieved at 2pm daily. This was the first time the men of the Unit were in action on their own and by all accounts, acquitted themselves well as can be seen below on the 8th January.

Map 4

Key to Map 4:- = Green Barn A.D.S. (map sheet 36 M27d6.2), = Ebenezer Farm R.A.P. (map sheet 36 M28d7.5) C = Moggs Hole R.A.P. (map sheet 36 M34d6.7), D = Stirling Castle R.A.P. (map sheet 36 S5a4.7) and X = Masplaux Farm see 8th Week at War.

With the departure of B Section, C Section still away with the 59th Field Ambulance and several of the remaining Medical Officers acting temporarily as Medical Officers (MOs) for Infantry Battalions of the Brigade, this left just Capt Andrew as the only Medical Officer at the Unit headquarters at Calonne but fortunately, Lt Burke returned from duty with the 14th Welsh later that day and Lt Anderson returned from C Section the following day