February 1916 - Thirteenth Week at War


13th Week at War - 26th February - 3rd March - Mesplaux Farm 

Quite a number of patients were admitted on the night of 26th records 48563 Pte Iuean Phillips who was on night duty at the time. Lt Col Walton and C Section of the 107th Field Ambulance returned to their Unit on the 27th February and were replaced by A Section of the 105th Field Ambulance. On the 29th, Capt Anderson and Capt Ffoulkes departed for two weeks leave and Lieut Page proceeded to the 14th Welsh Regiment to act as RMO in place of Lieut McMillan who had been taken ill. 

The Unit continued to improve the facilities in and around Mesplaux farm with a large number of men employed in making a new horse standing on the 1st March.

New horse standing - it was never just medical work for the men of this Unit

This area of the Western Front was relatively quiet at this time and little of note happened during the rest of the week although the weather did improve and in spring sunshine, numerous aeroplane duels were visible overhead.