April 1916 - Nineteenth Week at War


19th Week at War - 8th - 14th April - Mesplaux Farm

This week began dry and fine but turned increasingly wet from Tuesday for the rest of the week. Lieut F A Anderson and Lieut Burke attended a lecture by the Clinical Adviser to the 1st Army at Aire sur La Lys. On Sunday, two church parades were held at the Unit, one at 9.15am for the Church of England and one at 11.15 am for the Nonconformists.

The 38th (Welsh) Division were ordered to relieve the 35th Division in the Fauquissart sector and the 19th Division in the Moated Grange sector between the 14th and 18th of April. By this time, the 113rd Infantry Brigade had replaced the 115th Infantry Brigade in the line.

Captain A W Anderson, on instructions from the A.D.M.S. 38th (Welsh) Division, visited the hospital of the 59th Field Ambulance at La Gorgue and the A.D.S. at La Flinque which the 130th (St John) Field Ambulance were shortly to take over.

On the following day the A.D.M.S. 39th Division and the A.D.M.S of the 38th (Welsh) Division visited and inspected the Unit's Hospital at Mesplaux Farm and Capt A M Payne delivered a lecture in the afternoon based on the lectures given by the Chemical Adviser. 

Lieut Page returned to the Unit from the 13th Welsh Regiment (W.R.) where he had been acting as M.O. in place of Lieut Watkins.